Hi, I'm Bogdan.

I’m a Fractional Sales Leader and Coach to 7+ Figure Entrepreneurs and sales teams. 

If you have a winning high ticket offer and happy clients…

but struggle with inconsistent sales, 

then I can step into your business and level-up your sales process so you sell more with less.

I took my first coaching business from 0 to 750+ happy clients in 18 months

(this business does millions in profit each year to this day)

And now my mission is to help other high ticket entrepreneurs just like you…

By installing sales systems & processes that help you build your dream business and life.

If you want to work with me, then click the button below and submit your information.  

I only work with a few clients at one time, and you must have an established business with a validated offer and happy customers already.

P.S. I deleted all case studies, testimonials, and Stripe screenshots from this page because my best clients aren’t moved by that stuff.

Thanks for reading,

Talk soon 💪🏻

-Bogdan Padua


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